Festival Finissage / Between Ebb and Flow

3.7. / 18:00 UHR

Come around 3.7. at 6 pm!
— 6:00–6:30 sound improvisation 5.267 mt: Leaving Paradise, 2021 / installation with sound, natural elements and video mapping by @elenavictoriapastor
— and then Music by @selu_h
— 6:00–9:00 pm installation: dissolve, 2021 by @heidundgriess

»Between Ebb and Flow«
23.06. — 03.07.22
— an expanded exhibition that centers on the site of the harbour as a conceptual framework and main stage. Interconnected interventions both across the harbour and in off-spaces integrate landscape and subjectivity, rethinking local knowledge.
Mythopoetic views, floating performances and intuitive collages convey the shared sense of the inner displacement of contemporary subjectivity to examine the scars hidden beneath. Instead of the port as the symbol of the limitless possibilities of finding one’s bearings, the ‘denied travel’ in the limbo between here and there will be the starting point of the artistic positions involved.

After several artistic interventions through the harbour and across art spaces, including Zollo, MOM Art Space, Xpon, PARKS, Schaltzentrale, Zollo, Hafensmuseum, Hinterconti and B-Movie we gonna celebrate the final of „Between Ebb and Flow“ in the Mundhalle.

Together with the artists Cora Piantoni, Elena Victoria Pastor, heidundgriess, Dagmar Rauwald, Gregory Büttner and Simon Whetham, Jan Engels, Andreas Peiffer, Midori Yamamoto, Simone Karl, Maud van den Beuken, The New Liquidity (Anders Ehlin and Selma Boskailo), Claire Mélot, Eva Nuria Syawash, Fabien Bidaut, Julien Fleurance, Beatrice Alvestad Lopez, Gabriel N. Gee, Katharina Langer.

Curated by Giulia Busetti